If you and your co-parent experience ongoing, incessant hostility between each other, have drawn-out or frequent court actions, custody battles, and allegations of domestic violence, physical abuse, and/or sexual abuse, then you are likely experiencing what is considered High Conflict Divorce/Parenting.

High Conflict Divorce/Parenting is not only emotionally, psychologically, and financially harmful to parents, but it also equally, if not more harmful for children stuck in the middle of the feuding parents.

Solomon Family Solutions’ High Conflict Divorce and Parenting Program is designed to provide parents with new skills and techniques to reduce conflict for the best interests of children.

The program consists of 6 two hour classes held weekly.  Program is available at both Solomon Family Solutions’ locations – Cleveland and Sweetwater.  Total cost of the program is $240, and must be paid in full* to reserve your seat.  To enroll please fill out and submit registration form.  A Solomon Family Solutions’ representative will contact you once your registration form is received to provide you with more information regarding the days and times of the offered classes.

*Payment options may be available upon request, and will be offered on a case by case basis.