Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that offers a great way to reduce conflict and reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties.

Solomon Family Solutions (SFS) makes mediation affordable by costing only $150/hr or $75/hr per person with a two hour minimum. Typical cost of other mediators in Bradley and surrounding counties cost $250/hr with a 3 hour minimum.

Mediation at Solomon Family Solutions

Solomon Family Solutions’ (SFS) Listed Rule 31 Family Mediators use both Shuttle and Collaborative Models of Mediation, and are always future focused and solution driven, emphasizing and promoting the respect, fairness, and privacy for all involved.
SFS’ mediators are committed to providing a positive and effective alternative to solving disputes outside of the courtroom, and promote parties to make their own decisions instead of having a judge orderpuzzle how their lives will be managed. SFS’ mediators believe that mediation will not only benefit clients by cost and time savings, but will also empower and allow them to take control over their lives moving forward.

SFS’ Mediators are not judges, counselors, or attorneys. Rather, they are neutral professionals that provide a safe and comfortable environment that promotes problem solving and ending disputes among people in disagreements. The mediator will remain impartial and will create an atmosphere that promotes honest and open discussions in a confidential environment.

Solomon Family Solutions offers Affordable and Professional Mediation!

Family Disputes involving divorce, custody, and parent visitation schedules can be emotionally draining, as well as very costly. SFS has found that many people are unable to afford legal representation and family mediation services. SFS was created to meet the needs of people unable to afford family mediation services. SFS wants to help those that are currently in conflict and in disagreement to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement without the cost of litigation.

To schedule a mediation, please fill out the mediation inquiry form below, AND remit a non-refundable deposit of $50 through the PayPal link to cover the time/cost associated with coordinating the mediation appointment; this $50 will be applied to the total cost of mediation when facilitated. Once appointment is set, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged if not given with 24 hours notice.


Attorneys interested in scheduling a mediation on behalf of their client may do so by calling our office  423-790-3747 Ext. 1 (Available mediation times include: Morning Sessions: 9am-Noon, or Afternoon Sessions: 1pm-5pm) OR emailing; the client will be required to fill out an application upon arrival to the appointment.  We do ask that attorneys notify clients to be prepared to pay for the mediation services at the time of appointment ($150/hr or $75/hr per person with a two hour minimum).

For convenience, SFS mediators will travel to facilitate mediation services at offsite locations; however, a travel fee of $20 may be added to total cost of mediation if facilitated outside Bradley County or Monroe County.

Andrea Chase, M.S., J.D., and Athena Pendergrass are SFS’ TN Rule 31 Family Mediators.

* A discounted hourly rate may be available in extreme financial circumstances, upon request, with additional documentation, and granted at the discretion of SFS.


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