July 13, 2016

Adoption Home Studies

Solomon Family Solutions is a licensed child placement agency with the State of TN, and provides home study services on a sliding scale based on the family’s income.

Proposed Schedule

Printable Home Study Schedule

I.             Initial Contact

A.           Application for Adoption Home Study

Please fill out application in full to the best of your ability.

B.            Resume

Please include education fulfillment, past job, and volunteer experience.

C.           Biography

Give us a (brief-no more than five pages, typed) summary of your life, beginning at childhood to the present, along with future goals and plans. Please include your reason that you wish to adopt.

D.           Background Checks

You will need to complete Solomon Family Solutions’ “Authorization for Release of Information and HIPAA Protected Health Information to Solomon Family Solutions and Notification of Release” to the best of your ability.

E.           Fingerprint Screening

You will need to make an appointment for a Fingerprint Screening. You will be provided with a link and an ORI number, which is required to make your appointment. The fee for this service is included with your Application Fee. You will not need to pay the provider.

F.            Fees

1/4 of Total Fee is due with submission of Application. This fee is used to cover administration fees, fingerprinting,  and running the background checks. The fee for a home study is based upon your annual household income.

Income-based Fee Scale
Level Annual Income Total Fee**
A. $0-$30,000 $650
B. $30,001-$50,000 $800
C. $50,001-+ $1,000

* For your convenience, we have broken up the fees as you advance through the home study process.

** Total Fee does not include post placement services, which are not always required or mandated.

***Services for families located outside of Bradley, Polk, McMinn, and Monroe, an additional fee of $100 may be required to cover travel time and expenses.

****An additional fee of $100 may apply for expedited services (i.e., reports required in less than 4 weeks).

Note: completed home studies are valid for 1 year.

Application (Stage I) Fees
Level Amount Due
A. $160
B. $200
C. $250

II.          Interviews and Medical Screening

A.            Scheduling

Upon receipt of all items listed above, you can expect to receive a call from Solomon Family Solutions in 1-2 weeks to confirm your standing as an adoptive parent. We will then schedule an in-office interview with you and your co-applicant (if applicable).

B.            Medical Screening

All adoptive parents are required to have a full medical physical and Tuberculosis test. The cost of this screening is included in your fees. We will have contacts of providers in which will bill directly to SFS.

C.           Fees

At the time of the interview and/or completion of medical screening, you will be responsible for your Stage II fees. From this point, fees are non-refundable.

Interview (Stage II) Fees
Level Amount Due
A. $160
B. $200
C. $250

III.       Home study

A.            Preparation

During the interview, your caseworker will schedule the home study with you for 1-2 weeks out. He or she will provide you with information you will need in order to have a successful home study.

At this time, you will be responsible for Stage III Fees. A home study will not be completed until all fees up to this point a paid in full.

B.            Fees

Home Study (Stage III) Fees
Level Amount Due
A. $160
B. $200
C. $250

IV.       Final Report

A.            Final Report

After the home study has been completed, your caseworker and the case manager will evaluate your home study. The evaluation period will take about two weeks depending on case load. After this two-week period, your caseworker will contact you to let you know if your home has passed the study. In the event your home needs modification, your caseworker will share those items with you.

Your report will be available 2-3 weeks after the home study occurs. It will not be available to you until all fees are paid in full. The final fees are in the chart below.

B.            Final Fees

Final Report (Stage IV) Fees
Level Amount Due
A. $170
B. $200
C. $250

V.   Post Placement (at an additional cost, if applicable)

A.  Supervisory Visit

B. Evaluation of the Progress of the Child

Post Placement (Stage V) Fees
Level Amount Due
A. $100
B. $150
C. $200

This is a proposed schedule and is subject to change without notice.

Home Study Schedule


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