Solomon Family Solutions offers parent coordination and coaching services!

Parent Coordination services provide parents in high conflict the opportunity to utilize SFS as a neutral third party to be the go between for purposes of scheduling, coordinating, and communicating information regarding the children, as well as parent coaching to help reduce conflict and improve interaction of parents for the best interests of children.

SFS has found great success in bridging the communication between parents that find it very difficult to communicate with each other about the best interests of their children and/or adhering to their parenting plan.

As a parenting coordinator and coach, SFS will document the conduct of each parent, which provides a level of accountability that is sometimes difficult to obtain in high conflict parenting relationships. ┬áBecause children do best developmentally when their parents are at peace, SFS is committed to ending conflict and being there for the children’s parents to assist in reducing the anger and frustration that notoriously occurs during high conflict divorce and parenting.

Fees for this service are $75/hr and will be charged by the tenth of the hour.

A retainer of $300 will be required to begin services.

Safe Exchange is another service that pairs well with parent coordination.

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