July 13, 2016

Center for Conflict Resolution

Because children are the future, Solomon Family Solutions (SFS) focuses and provides innovative solutions for the best interests of children.  

Solomon Family Solutions (SFS) team of uniquely qualified professionals are here to assist you! SFS specializes in innovative solutions for the best interest of children combining psychology and the law. No other organization offers the insight and understanding of the interplay of mental health, interpersonal relationships, and the law.

SFS is a Licensed TN Child Abuse Prevention Agency and Child Placement Agency and is committed to upholding and respecting the fundamental rights of parents. A child deserves the opportunity and support to enjoy a relationship with his/her parents safely and free of conflict. SFS provides innovative solutions for the best interests of the child.

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Our affordable and professional services include:

Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange

Parent Coordination

Family Mediation

Home Studies, Bonding Assessments, Parenting and Child Custody Evaluations and Consultation Services 

Child Welfare Expert Witness Investigation and Testimony

Parental Alienation Intervention Program