Solomon Family Solutions offers personalized and professional child custody coaching services at affordable prices. This service is available via phone, Skype, or in person 7 days a week.

Our coaches provide educational and conflict resolution services that will increase knowledge and understanding of child custody matters, as well as offer practical child custody solutions and strategies on a case by case basis. The purpose of our child custody coaching sessions is to provide practical information, strategies, and resources to increase understanding and reduce stress, as well as attorney fees.

Phone coaching sessions provide an economical and efficient way to discuss child custody issues, child custody evaluations, and/or other divorce related matters in the privacy of your own home. Appointments are flexible and available 7 days a week 9am-6pm. Same day appointments may also be available depending upon the availability of our coaches and receipt of payment.

Solomon Family Solutions’ in-person coaching sessions are designed for parents who prefer face-to-face meetings and are available at our Cleveland and Sweetwater offices. In person meetings are available Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.

Fees for this service are as follows:

Phone Coaching Sessions: $40/hr (pre-payment is required to reserve appointment)

In-Person Coaching Sessions: $60/hr (pre-payment is required to reserve appointment)

Basic Monthly Coaching or Intensive: $300 initial monthly payment; then, $175 for each additional monthly subscription. This monthly payment will include 4 hours of phone or in-person coaching sessions; 2 hours of document review; and, 4 email correspondences.


Move-away case or relocation issues
Child custody evaluations
Parental Alienation
Initial custody determinations
Post judgment modifications
Unwed Parents and custody
Best interest of the child
Child’s wishes or preference Custody orders
Parenting plans
Parenting skills and techniques
Frustration of contact
Ongoing parental conflict
School selection/enrollment disputes
Attorney fee disputes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Solomon Family Solutions DOES NOT provide legal advice. Should a client require legal advice or representation, Solomon Family Solutions has a list of independent, qualified, and licensed attorneys that it will provide to client as an outside resource.

If you are a licensed TN attorney and are interested in being put on our resource list for clients, please email or call our office 423-790-3747 Ext. 1