Solomon Family Solutions opened its doors to the community in September 2015 providing income based services to include family mediation, supervised visitation, and art therapy.  Since then, Solomon Family Solutions has served 100’s of families in Bradley and surrounding counties.

Solomon Family Solutions’ mission is to provide innovative ideas and problem solving techniques for the courts and families in crisis for the best interests of children.  Founded with the purpose to serve and nurture children and families, Andrea Chase, Blythe Mayfield, and Yattie Westfield joined forces to provide a variety of services together.

Andrea Chase, M.S., J.D., Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Solomon Family Solutions is currently pursuing her PhD in Forensic Psychology to better serve the court and families in crisis.  Andrea is specializing in Victimology focusing on victims of domestic violence and child abuse and neglect.  Adept in case file review, forensic interviewing, parent – child observations, and home studies, Andrea has provided expert witness testimony on cases involving child custody, parent-child bonding, as well as child abuse and neglect.  Together with Blythe Mayfield, Andrea has created an exceptional supervised visitation program to include bilingual monitoring and therapeutic visitation.  She is a TN Rule 31 Family Mediator, supervising child placement manger for private adoption home studies, and provides parenting and anger management classes.  Andrea is passionate about helping children, parents, and families find solutions and resolution during divorce, child custody dispute, and legal issues surrounding child abuse and neglect.

Blythe Mayfield, Registered Art Therapist and Co-Executive Director of Solomon Family Solutions uses her years of education and professional experience to provide art therapy for children as young as 3 years old, adolescents, and adults, as well as for families.  She also manages all of Solomon Family Solutions’ therapeutic services, as the organization continues to grow.  With Blythe, Solomon Family Solutions has been able to implement therapeutic visitation services, which has been a huge success for families impacted by mental illness and history of domestic violence.  In addition to her work at Solomon Family Solutions, Blythe also owns and operates Blue Finn Studio where she conducts art therapy, private art lessons, and creates her own masterpieces.

Yattie Westfield, Solomon Family Solutions’ Co-Executive Director manages and provides music lessons at no cost through his passion and vision known as Project Chance.  He has taught children of all ages and developmental levels to include children with special needs.  Yattie is also the owner of The Art of Noise Academy.  His mission at his music academy is:”Find yourself. The Art of Noise Academy is a one of a kind, student led experience, where music education meets individuality and creativity.”

Athena Pendergrass, Director of Family Mediation services and TN Rule 31 Family and Civil Mediator provides affordable and professional family mediation services for the benefit of Solomon Family Solutions’ clients. Solomon Family Solutions is so grateful to have her passion to serve those most in need.

Josh Reddish, Director of Security has over 15 years of law enforcement experience and provides and manages all our safety and security needs.  We are blessed to have his passion and experience to protect and serve our clients, neighbors, and team members.